The pieces of art that I chose to compare and contrast are very different in style and form. The frst piece I was interested in was a piece by Agnes Varda. This piece was a large shack completely made with film. As I entered the shack I saw each different scene that the roles of film surrounding me contained. The films that made up the walls of this shack must represent the interests of Agnes. I perceived this piece as the artist’s way of showing how the content in these films enveloped her or was somehow a big part of her life. The second piece I was ineterested in was called “maracana” by Nelson Leirner. The piece was a model of a futbol stadium containing figures and statuettes with religious, cultural, or pop culture significance from around the world. Some of the figures included were Jesus, the Hulk, Power rangers, Buddah, and many more; it represents how different people and cultures from around the world come together for the Wolrd Cup. The similiarity I found between the two pieces was that they both convey the idea of gathering, in a way I think they both portray a sense of cohesiveness that brings a certain type of feeling to the artist and the viewer. Visually, the pieces are very different but artistically they are similar because both pieces give the feeling collectiveness.

outside of shack

roof of shack

Inside Wall